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Developer, Designer

This WordPress website was developed for myself, using the skills in both design and development that I had learned prior to building this website.
The entire development process put each skill to the test from prototyping the design to making it WordPress ready.

The website was built for the purpose of showcasing work that was either done for clients or self directed. It allows anyone interested to learn more about me and be able to contact me.

When prototyping the website it was clear early on that the content would play a major role and was key to the website’s success. It was also important to describe my skills, which translated to the layout in which a quick statement about each skill was made. Beneath that are three recent projects so visitors can further understand my style of work and process.
The homepage also has several links besides the navigation bar that link to other pages, this was done to create a more organic way of reading the information that may interest visitors.

A vital part of each of the website was the ability for me to grow into it. The nature of a portfolio website is that the content is constantly changing as projects are completed and my skills develop and it was important that the website could allow for such post-release development and remain functional.